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Riko combines considerable international experience in planning and implementing projects in technical equipment, energy, ecology, logistics, and construction with the highest professional standards and a comprehensive approach dedicated to fulfilling customer expectations. We are further expanding into new fields and markets, wherever there is a growing need for comprehensive solutions that include introducing more efficient, state-of-the-art, and environmentally friendly technologies for manufacturing and engineering.

In order to maintain our cutting edge we continuously follow global developments in technology and processes, with a view to further perfecting our professional skills in all that we do. We pay special attention to our responsibility toward the environment, and strictly observe both legal regulations and ethical guidelines.
We’re well aware that our work has a considerable impact on the final quality of projects executed, on the equipment supplied, and of course on the environment. Our quality and environmental performance policy is examined, evaluated, and adjusted on a regular basis by company management. That’s standard Riko business policy and an integral part of our vision for the future growth and development of the company. These same principles also drive the way we build and develop our quality management and environmental performance systems. We also know well that no policy can be successful without the active participation of all of the company personnel, as well as the collaboration of our business partners.

All Riko employees are regularly briefed on our quality and environmental performance policies at meetings with management; this is also available to the interested public on our website.

The main principles of our management policy are as follows:
• constant monitoring of market requirements and adaptation of our capacities;
• good communication and availability of information to all Riko employees;
• providing continuous professional training to Riko employees;
• encouraging and motivating employees to manage independently and responsibly;
• providing an economically justified standard of quality at all levels of business;
• constantly adjusting quality management system to the applicable legal, ethical, and other requirements, as well as to good business practice;
• nurturing good cooperative partnerships with key suppliers and service suppliers;
• maintaining uninterrupted contact with key clients and monitor their satisfaction and requirements;
• constantly improving quality and efficiency aimed at profitable and sustainable business activities;
• monitoring all applicable environmental regulations and act in close compliance with them;
• continuously improving environmental performance systems;
• concern for the prevention and reduction of the negative impacts our work has on the environment;
• documenting and monitoring consumption and discharge into the environment at the company site, and disseminating information on energy saving measures to employees;
• constructing or installing environmentally sound technologies and reducing consumption of raw materials, auxiliary materials, and energy;
• monitoring any potential non-compliance in project realisation phases to avoid any environmental damage;
• identifying the environmental aspects of every project phase and apply the best available technologies (BAT) and best environmental practices (BEP);
• informing our partners of our quality and environmental performance policies for the project (signed statements confirming they have been informed of Riko’s requirements and agreement to adhere to them);
• selecting contractors and sub-contractors with ISO 14001 environmental performance system certification (contractors without environmental performance system certification have project leader provide supervision and guidance of work performed by the contractors and sub-contractors);
• providing continuous training and information updates for all persons working for or on behalf of Riko d.o.o., with the aim to raise awareness about the importance of environmentally smart and friendly conduct.

Ljubljana, 12 March 2014 

Managing Director:
Janez Škrabec