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About Riko

For comprehensive solutions for the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies

We develop integral solutions by using efficient, state-of-the-art and eco-friendly technologies in automotive, tractor, railway and aircraft industries as well as in energy, environmental protection, transport infrastructure, information technology,  logistics, and construction sectors. Our highly qualified professionals provide comprehensive services and strong management concepts designed to deliver outstanding and economical results, which in turn has earned us the long-held confidence of customers and partners alike.

As an engineering company operating in complex international markets, we provide services that help our customers, partners, and staff create sustainable technological development scenarios.

Company story

Riko d.o.o. has developed to become a vertically integrated group of companies offering technological products and services for different phases of the production process in many industries. 

Riko in the world

Riko has gained extensive knowhow, experience and references in the construction, energy, transport infrastructure, information tchnology, environmental protection and logistics sectors in our home market of Slovenia.

Business excellence

Our dedication to business excellence keeps us focused at each stage in the work process, and applies equally to our relations with everyone with whom we work, from our own employees and customers to the larger natural and social environments.

Business network

The Riko group’s main pillar is Riko d.o.o., which stands for and behind the entrepreneurial initiative, comprehensive business philosophy, and value system that the Riko brand represents.

Quality Policy

Financial profile

Riko combines considerable international experience in planning and implementing projects in technical equipment, energy, ecology, logistics, and construction with the highest professional standards and a comprehensive approach dedicated to fulfilling customer expectations. We are further expanding into new fields and markets, wherever there is a growing need for comprehensive solutions that include introducing more efficient, state-of-the-art, and environmentally friendly technologies for manufacturing and engineering.

ISO Certificates

TUV Austria Certificate

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