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Koper, Slovenia, 25. 4. 2024

Inauguration of one of the largest solar power plants in Slovenia

A ribbon-cutting ceremony officially handed over the new solar power plant. The ribbon was cut by the President of the Management Board of the Port of Koper, Nevenka Kržan, together with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway, H.E. Exc. Trina Skymoen, and the Head of the Financial Mechanisms Division at the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development, Jadranka Plut, and the CEO of Riko, Janez Škrabec. The power plant is spread over approximately 15,000 square metres of warehouse roofs.
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Krško, Slovenia, 24. 4. 2024

Contract signed for the construction of a landfill for low- and intermediate-level waste

The Director of the Radioactive Waste Agency (ARAO), Sandi Viršek, and the Director of Riko, Janez Škrabec, signed a contract in Krško for the construction of the nuclear facilities at the low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste (LLRW) disposal site in Vrbina.
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Ribnica, Slovenia, 18. 3. 2024

Contract signed for the construction of a 21-apartment building in Ribnica

Today we signed a contract with the client Nepremičninski sklad pokojninskega in invalidskega zavarovanja, d. o. o. (Real Estate Fund of Pension and Disability Insurance) for the design and construction of an assisted living house with services and care for the elderly in Ribnica.
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Zadar, Croatia, 15. 3. 2024

The waste management centre built in Rijeka is put into operation on a trial basis during the visit of Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković

The Biljane Donje Waste Management Centre is remarkable for its size and complexity. The facility covers an area of 46 hectares and will be used for the treatment of biological and mixed municipal waste from the municipalities of Zadar and Ličko-Senj.
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Portorož, Slovenia, 1. 2. 2024

Renovation of the Hotel Riviera in Portorož

Po prenovi hotela Histrion in dveh objektov Hotela Vile Park, na slovenski obali prenavljamo tudi hotel Riviera v Portorožu.
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Šibenik, Croatia, 8. 7. 2023

Signing the contract for the construction of a sewage treatment plant in Šibenik

Riko, along with the investor, Mr. Željko Burić, the Mayor of Šibenik, and Mr. Zvonimir Štrkal, the Director of Vodovod i odvodnja Šibenik (Šibenik Water Supply and Sewerage), has signed a contract for the construction of a sewage treatment plant in Šibenik. This plant will be responsible for treating wastewater from the sewerage network.
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Kranj, Slovenia, 12. 4. 2023

We will set up public charging stations for electric buses in Kranj

Janez Škrabec, Director of Riko, d.o.o., and Matjaž Rakovec, Mayor of the Municipality of Kranj, today signed a contract for the establishment of a public charging infrastructure for electric buses.
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Velika planina, Slovenia, 29. 3. 2023

We will renovate the chairlift on Velika planina

Riko, in cooperation with the main contractor Leitner S.p.A., will supply and build a new six-seater chairlift on Velika Planina to replace the existing and worn-out Šimnovec two-seater chairlift, which connects the upper station of the pendulum to the Zeleni rob at the top of Velika Planina.
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Ribnica, Slovenia, 24. 8. 2022

Signing of the contract for the construction of the new Ribnica intergenerational sports facility

Today the Mayor of the Municipality of Ribnica, Mr. Samo Pogorelc, and the director of the company Riko, Janez Škrabec, signed a contract for the construction of the Ribnica Intergenerational Sports Facility. The company Riko was selected as the general contractor for the construction of the facility in a public tender. The scope of work includes the demolition of the existing building, the design of the new building, the construction and the supply of technological equipment and interior furniture. The authors of the conceptual design are Matic Lašič, u. d. i. a. (Efekt arhitektura), and Ph.D. Matej Blenkus, d. d. i. a. (abiro).
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Brežice, Slovenia, 8. 7. 2022

Photovoltaic power station for HPP Brežice

We are building a photovoltaic power station consisting of 11,232 modules with a nominal power of 6 MW for Hidroelektrarne na Spodnji Savi, d.o.o. (HESS for short).
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