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14. 2. 2013

Riko and MAG supplying for MAZ

Riko is strengthening its position as a strategic supplier of technological equipment to automobile industries in Belarus. We developed a technological line for working on reduction gear housings for MAZ, a regionally successful manufacturer of lorries, busses and mobile lifts for vehicles. Together we can offer higher quality and capacity car parts treatment. The equipment will be delivered by the end of 2013, the launch and reaching of full work capacity is foreseen in the first quarter of 2014.
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16. 12. 2012

Riko entrusted with the construction of a wastewater draining and treatment system in Carinthia

The mayors of Radlje ob Dravi (Alen Bukovnik), the mayor of Dravograd (Marijana Cigala) and Riko`s managing director (Janez Škrabec) signed a contract for the final two sequences in a group of projects »Wastewater draining and treatment in the river basin of Drava – Upper Drava«. In frames of this contract we will finally be able to regulate the draining and treatment of wastewater and protection of water resources in the river basin of Upper Drava.
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28. 11. 2012

Riko signed a contract with the Russian Zvezda

Riko will plan, construct and equip Zveza`s factory for production of diesel engines.
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1. 8. 2012

Successful grand opening of the Sveta Petka hydroelectric power plant on the Treska River

The Sveta Petka hydroelectric power plant was officially opened today by Mr Nikola Gruevski, Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, and Dr Vlatko Čingoski, General Director of ELEM.
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30. 7. 2012

Rico donates the Iconotheca Valvasoriana to the National Library of Belarus

Upon the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Belarus and Slovenia and the sustainability of their bilateral relations, economic and cultural ties, Janez Škrabec, director of Rico, has given the National Library of Belarus in Minsk a valuable gift - the Iconotheca Valvasoriana (a facsimile edition of rare European art prints from the 15th-17th centuries).
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18. 6. 2012

Riko and Škrabec among the most respected names

According to a study conducted by Kline & Partner, a company that measures and monitors the reputation of companies and directors, both the company Riko and its founder and director Janez Škrabec rank as two of the most respected names in Slovenia. This year, Janez Škrabec has been ranked as the 5th most respected Slovenian director and the company Riko has been ranked as the 13th most respected Slovenian company.
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7. 5. 2012

Sewerage system and treatment plant in Litija and Šmartno

Today, Mr Janez Škrabec, Director of Rico, signed a set of contracts with Mr Franci Rokavec, Mayor of the Municipality of Litija, and Mr Milan Izlakar, Mayor of the Municipality of Šmartno pri Litiji, at the Bogenšperk Castle for the project “Construction of sewerage system and central treatment plants in the municipalities of Litija and Šmartno pri Litija”.
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16. 4. 2012

Construction of new transformer stations

Last year, Riko succeeded in penetrating the field of energy in Belarus by obtaining the project to construct two transformer stations. Due to our exemplary management of this project and our high-quality services, we have been selected in the tender for the construction of two new transformer stations and the reconstruction of three existing transformer stations with voltage levels of 110kV/10kV and interconnected cable lines in Minsk.
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20. 2. 2012

Riko - the Kempinski complex in Minsk

Riko has been entrusted with the construction of a prestigious complex, which will be located in the historical centre of the Belarusian capital. The complex includes a five star Kempinski Hotel (22,765 m²), 81 residential units (14,431 m²), offices (14,926 m²) as well as parking and support facilities (23,411 m²). The construction of a modern multifunctional complex with a Kempinski Hotel will contribute to the further development of hoteliering activities at the highest level and provide new impetus to tourism activities in the high business class hotel standard category, the highest to date in Minsk and Belarus.
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8. 12. 2011

Construction of Cerknica wastewater treatment plant

Marko Rupar, Mayor of the Municipality of Cerknica, and Janez Škrabec, Director of the RIKO company, have signed a contract for the project "Collection and treatment of waste water in the basin of the Ljubljanica, central wastewater treatment plant in the Municipality of Cerknica" today in Cerknica.
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