Construction of the railway junction and train station at Pragersko

Scope of works
Landscaping and erection of structural works, rail-bound infrastructure systems including the associated electrical and machine installations; construction of tracks and fixed track systems with train platforms and platform roofings, road infrastructure and parking areas; construction of a waterproof box-shaped railway fly-over in the A1 motorway with pumping station, an underpass for cyclists and pedestrians, a bridge and passageways; expansion of the existing underpass of the ring road Pragersko; carrying out of passive and active noise reduction measures and building of a water supply  network; construction of telecommunication facilities and execution of construction work for the laying of signalling and safety systems; execution of electrical installations; building of the municipal sewage system; demolition of buildings and facilities; laying of LV and MV distribution lines; transfer of a gas pipeline, gas station and TC antenna.
Transport Infrastructure
Railway infrastructure
2018 -
The Slovenian Infrastructure Agency