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Engineering in the energy - power systems

Riko implements and manages complex and demanding energy/power systems in a variety of settings, all implemented according to some very basic guidelines designed to ensure efficient, sustainable, and reliable energy supply– to both the client and the end-customer.

We work in collaboration with internationally recognized providers of construction, installation and refurbishing services, as well as with manufacturers and suppliers of high-technology equipment, and services. This ensures that projects develop and operate reliably, optimize energy consumption, and involve minimal maintenance and service costs.

Riko's services:

  • feasibility studies
  • conceiving and planning
  • design of systems and devices
  • project management 
  • ensuring of adequate financing
  • supply
  • execution
  • control of the mounting of devices
  • commissioning
  • staff training
  • care after launch

    Area of activity:

      Engineering of safety and signalisation systems for road infrastructures
      • Traffic lights
      • Lighting (roads and tunnels)
      • Tunnel ventilation
      • Monitoring and control systems
      • Traffic signs
      • Monitoring of CO2 concentrations and visibility in tunnels
      • Air direction and speed control in tunnels
      • Optical transmission systems
      • Radio appliances and public address systems for tunnels
      • Video control and automatic traffic detection
      • Systems for preventing wrong-way driving
      • SOS systems on motorways and in tunnels
      • Systems for detecting hazardous materials transportation
      • Road weather stations
      • Hydrant network in tunnels

      Telecommunications and control / monitoring systems
      • Transmission systems (microwave and optical transmission
      • IP-network
      • SCADA ((Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)

      Municipal infrastructure
      • Heating stations and systems 
      • Cooling stations and systems 
      • Water supply station 
      • Water pumping station 
      • Water reservoir 
      Thermal power generation

      • Heating stations and systems
      • Hot-water boiler rooms
      • Steam boiler rooms
      • Gas boiler rooms
      • Heating plants
      • Combined cycle heating plants  
      • Thermal power plants

      Hydroelectric power generation

      • Hydroelectric power plants
      • Small hydroelectric power plants
      • Hydromechanical equipment
      • Water turbines and turbine equipment

      Power plant infrastructure

      • Water reservoirs
      • Water-retarding reservoirs
      • Overflow spillways
      • Underground sealing

      Power-transmission and distribution systems

      • Transformer stations
      • Transformer substations
      • Switchyards
      • Transmission lines
      • Cable lines

      Our projects:

      Matjaž Goltes
      Head of the Energy Sector
      T: + 386 (0) 1 58 16 338
      F: + 386 (0) 1 58 16 340