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Information technology

Advanced digital technologies make it possible to change existing business models and design new ones, develop new products and services, increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the economy and contribute to broader socio-economic development. Digitisation of society and the economy through innovative and intensive use of information and communication technologies has great potential for growth and is the basis for the long-term development and competitiveness of both Slovenia and Europe.

Riko's services:

        • counselling and support,
        • development of a comprehensive concept,
        • feasibility study,
        • optimisation of business processes,
        • project Management,
        • provision of suitable solutions and equipment,
        • training of the customer's employees,
        • customer support.

        Areas of activity:

        • Warehouse Management

        Using our state-of-the-art IT solution, we enable the management of large-scale warehouse operations and the integration of complex supply chain logistics with warehousing and distribution processes, thus ensuring the best visibility and control. The solution enables you to optimise inventory tracking, cross-docking, distribution operations, multichannel delivery and more - all in real time.

        We offer:

        • comprehensive solutions for local or cloud-based warehousing
        • fully integrated quality, production and tracking processes
        • direct control of warehouse automation devices


        •   Logistics and transport

        Freight and logistics companies are using digitisation to redefine their core competencies and realign their business strategies. They are integrating and optimising their services to improve the user experience, create new business models and increase operational efficiency.

        As a company with rich experience in supply chains, we enable efficient digital business and risk mitigation with a modern solution for transportation management and logistics chains.


        • Environmental Protection

        Water technologies most constantly evolve to adapt to resource scarcity, rising consumer demands and increasingly stringent quality standards. With the modern digital portal, we offer you access to the expertise on the water cycle for optimal and constant monitoring of your equipment. Thanks to digitisation, the portal is compatible with the associated technologies and provides real-time feedback. The solution allows easy monitoring of  water resource consumption rates, output flow and process water purity levels through flexible digital control panels. It provides professionals and communities with a coherent and effective solution to improve the environmental impact of wastewater treatment plants and facilitates the continuous monitoring of water quality depending on the process used.


        • Smart cities

        Technological developments enable cities and communities to improve the quality of life, reduce emissions and water losses, increase energy efficiency, intelligently manage stationary traffic and parking spaces, implement smart lighting and much more. It is the smart city that develops and implements efficient use of resources, energy-efficient hard infrastructure to improve the quality of life of the population and urban management and ensure sustainable development of the city.

        With our knowledge and experience, we develop a concept, build an information communication platform for the smart city and create a digital twin as an urban area that is efficiently managed with information solutions, electronic data collection and analysis to ensure efficiency, economy, sustainable development and quality of life.

        Important smart city projects:

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        Mag. Biljana Prinčič
        head of information technology
        T: + 386 (0) 1 58 16 300
        M: + 386 (0) 41 371 621
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