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Technological engineering

With more than 30 years of experience in engineering and supply of solutions and equipment to renowned automotive, tractor, railway and aircraft manufacturers, we have become an important strategic partner, offering comprehensive support and due completion of all phases of investment projects.

Our engineering solutions are based on a wealth of experience with products and equipment from a wide range of European manufacturers who work with us as partners as well as with other renowned flagship companies all over the world.

Our role as engineering professionals is to provide comprehensive mechanical processing technologies and processes and ensure that the supplied end products meet the highest requirements in terms of capacity and quality.

Riko's services:

  • development and construction of new production lines,
  • design of technical equipment and processes,
  • development of technology and technological processes,
  • manufacture and/or supply of technical equipment,
  • equipment installation and testing,
  • commissioning and training,
  • warrantied service and support,
  • project management,
  • providing appropriate financing.

      Area of activity:

      Metallurgical process engineering:

      • Sand casting of ferrous metals
      • gravity die casting of aluminium
      • pressure die casting of aluminium
      • foundry tools
      • heat treatment


      Mechanical process engineering:

      • Machining centres for all mechanical processing technologies
      • Automated machining solutions based on different machining centres
      • Complex processing lines

       Metal forming process engineering:

      • Forging
      • Bending
      • Straightening
      • Deep drawing
      • Punching
      • Forming tools


      Welding process engineering:

      • Welding automation
      • Robot welding


      Surface protection systems:

      • Sandblasting
      • Surface pre-treatment for coating
      • Cathodic dip coating systems
      • Wet coating lines
      • Powder coating lines
      • Galvanizing lines


      Installation process engineering:

      • Assembly cells
      • Assembly lines


      Measuring, process and product quality control engineering:

      • Statistical process control: cp and cpk
      • Supervision and monitoring of technological parameters
      • Geometric measuring of products in manufacturing processes
      • Testing of products during manufacturing processes
      • Lab equipment and measuring systems
      • Other necessary equipment

      Our cooperations

      Walter GPS
      Walter GPS
      Riko is the channel partner of the tool manufacturer Walter AG for the territory of Belarus.
      Leopold Trdan
      Head of Technological Engineering
      T: + 386 (0) 1 58 16 312
      F: + 386 (0) 1 58 16 340