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Technological engineering

More than 20 years of experience in engineering and the supply of technological solutions and equipment to renowned automotive, tractor, and aircraft manufacturers have turned Riko into an important strategic partner that ensures comprehensive support and expert implementation in all phases of our clients’ projects.

Our engineering solutions are based on a wealth of experience with products and equipment from a wide range of European manufacturers associated with the Riko group, as well as with other renowned flagship companies all over the world.

Our role as engineering experts is to provide comprehensive mechanical processing technologies and processes that ensure end products meet the highest capacity- and quality-related requirements – and that all equipment installed and serviced by the company can be counted on to deliver.

Riko's services:

  • designing and planning of new production lines
  • design of technical equipment and processes
  • breakdown of technology
  • production and supply of technologies and technical equipment
  • installation and testing of equipment
  • commissioning and training
  • warrantied service and support 
  • project management
  • financing coordination and assistance

    Area of activity:

    Engineering of metallurgic processes
    • Casting of black metals in sand forms
    • Gravity die casting of aluminum
    • Pressure die casting of aluminum
    • Casting molds
    • Heat treatment

    Engineering of mechanical treatment processes

    • Machining centers from all fields of mechanical treatment
    • Automatized machining solutions on the basis of different machining centers
    • Complex processing lines

    Engineering of metal forming processes

    • Forging
    • Bending
    • Straightening
    • Deep drawing
    • Punching
    • Forming tools

    Engineering of welding processes
    • Welding automatization
    • Welding with robots

    Engineering of surface protection processes

    • Sand blasting
    • Surface pre-treatment for coating
    • Cataphoresis coating lines
    • Wet coating lines
    • Powder coating lines
    • Galvanic lines

    Engineering of installation processes

    • Assembly cells
    • Assembly lines

    Engineering of measuring, process and product controlling

    • Statistic process control: cp and cpk
    • Supervision and monitoring of technological parameters
    • Geometric measuring of products in manufacturing processes
    • Testing of products during manufacturing processes
    • Lab equipment and measuring systems
    • Other necessary equipment
    Leopold Trdan
    Head of Technological Engineering
    T: + 386 (0) 1 58 16 312
    F: + 386 (0) 1 58 16 340