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Janez Škrabec - the First Patron of the Year

4. 10. 2010
The Finance newspaper started the “Patron of the Year”campaign this year that aims to find managers who care about Slovenian culture and Slovenian art, and endeavour to help cultural creators at home and abroad through patronage. The expert committee selected Janez Škrabec as the first patron of the year in the field of culture.

The expert committee of the Finance newspaper composed of Maja Hawlina, Mitja Čander, Jani Virk, Simon Kardum and Tatjana Pogačnik wrote the following, among other things, in their justification of the award, namely that “one of his [Škrabec] traits is continuous investment into various cultural projects and that all of his moves seem to be well-thought out. His backing of culture is fascinating and his contribution to the development of his birthplace is outstanding. He sees that art and human sciences hold a special significance as they are urgently needed in today’s society.”

The recognition and a statue by Dragica Čadež was bestowed on Janez Škrabec by Peter Frankl, Director and Editor-In-Chief of the Finance newspaper.