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Activities at Volat and Gomselmash

18. 2. 2011
Owing to our quality and competitiveness, the Riko company has in the last ten years established itself as a systems provider for renowned carmakers in the territory of the former Soviet Union. Activities in the areas of marketing and project implementation with partners from Belarus are successfully forging ahead in 2011 as well.
We are currently starting up two of our TCF 2.6-type horizontal machining centres at the Minsk-based Volat company. They will be used for machining housings for hydraulic motors that will be built into purpose-built heavy duty vehicles. The Gomselmash company from Belarus, which is a large farming machinery manufacturer, has entrusted us with supplying them with the technology and specialised machining centres for machining the rear axles of combine harvesters. The abovementioned double-sided horizontal machining centres are currently being installed and integrated in the production process.

The machining centres for Volat and Gomselmash were manufactured by our strategic partner in the field of machine building, the SAS Strojegradnja d.o.o., company from Zadar, in cooperation with our own experts.