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Škrabec in the Slo-Rus Business Council

22. 3. 2011
On the day the Russian president Vladimir Putin visited Slovenia, the Slovene-Russian Business Council was founded at the Slovene Chamber of Commerce. Janez Škrabec, CEO of the company RIKO and an expert in the economic and socio-political situation in the Russian Federation, was unanimously elected as president of this union of Slovene companies and their associations, whose activities encompass not only business matters but also scientific, cultural and similar issues on the territory of the Russian Federation.
The founding assembly was assisted by representatives of many companies that see a large potential in relations with the Russian Federation. Their great interest is proof of the fact that this type of cooperation represents a welcome opportunity for Slovenia and Russia to strengthen their business relations. The event was also assisted by the Minister of the Economy, Darja Radič, and the Foreign Minister, Samuel Žbogar, who by their presence showed their support of the mission and the ambitions of the newly founded association.

In his introductory speech, the Director-General of the Slovene Chamber of Commerce, Samo Hribar Milič, emphasized that the ambitions of the Chamber of Commerce in connection with the establishment of the business council were simple, clear and direct.  “We wish to improve and strengthen relations between Slovenia and Russia, making them quicker and more efficient.” Aleš Cantarutti, the Director of the Centre of Competitiveness at the Chamber of Commerce, added that the Council is all the more important because it is in the interest of key players in the market. At this occasion, the Slovene Minister of the Economy, Darja Radić, pointed out the significance of such business associations for the internationalization of companies – one of the top priorities of her Ministry. Today’s foundation of the Slovene-Russian Business Council, which will open up new opportunities for economic cooperation between the two countries, was also welcomed by the Slovene Foreign Minister, Samuel Žbogar.

Janez Škrabec accepted his election as president of the Council stating he was honoured to be entrusted with this responsible mission, and expressed his conviction that the Council will strengthen cooperation with Russian companies.

Meanwhile in Russia, preparations are under way to found a Russian-Slovene Business Council: its founding assembly is expected to be held in April. Both councils are supposed to meet and start cooperation shortly.