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Janez Škrabec proclaimed as the best CEO

20. 4. 2011
Every year, the Kapital financial fair not only offers an excellent program with business opportunities but also awards those who have achieved something extraordinary. The selection is entrusted to 40 business editors working for the Slovene media: they choose the best financer, the best company and the best CEO. This year, the choice for the best financier fell on Dr. France Arhar, Chairman of the Management Board of UniCredit; Gorenje was chosen as the best company; and Riko CEO Janez Škrabec was acknowledged to be the best CEO. The award winners were proclaimed by Srečko Pirtovšek, editor-in-chief of the Kapital magazine, who gave them the award: a symbolic glass euro.
This year’s Kapital Financial Fair took place under the auspices of the Založba Kapital publishing house and was ceremoniously opened by the Slovene Finance Minister Franc Križanič. The audience of the opening was also addressed by Guillaume Prache, Secretary General of the Euroshareholders.