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Assembly work at Avtodizel

13. 4. 2011
At Riko, we have established ourselves as a strategic partner of Russia's giants in the field of the automobile industry. A company that has enrolled itself to become one of our most important partners is the company Avtodizel from Jaroslav which is a company with the largest tradition in the Russian Federation for designing and manufacturing multi-purpose diesel engines and complete power accumulators for different types of trucks, buses and other vehicles.
The company Riko already delivered and installed technical equipment for this manufacturer (which is a part of the group named Gaz) several years ago, and with which it is now successfully manufacturing diesel engines according to the ecological Euro 3 standard. Based on an analysis of the existing situation, we have proposed investments into certain technological segments that have provided greater accuracy, which is necessary in order to meet the previously mentioned standard. The results of the analysis dictated that we should invest into mechanical processing, thermal treatment and new tools. So we bought a number of Sandvik tools and equipment made according to our solutions in the companies SAS Zadar, MAG Hüller Hille, Saacke and AFC-Holcroft. Our assembly line has been operating successfully ever since 2007.

At Avtodizel, we are currently assembling a complex flexible technological line for the processing of motor shafts for new YAMZ 530 engines. After the technological solution was defined, we set up a technological line which is composed of machines that were made at the companies: Heller, TBT, Alfing, , Selatron, Tiede, Marpos and Liebherr. We have provided for the complete engineering, delivery, installation and startup. Along with the firm SOP International from Krško, we are currently finalizing an assembly line for painting new diesel engines (in the photos). 

We are convinced that, in the future, the results of our work on this line at Avtodizel will continue to classify us one of the top-quality providers of entire solutions in technological engineering. 
This year, we are also planning the installation and startup of large quantities of machines for the mechanical processing of new engines as we have already bought machinery for the mechanical processing of aluminium parts, parts made from cast iron and an entire production line for the complete production of engine flywheels. We have already bought equipment from the companies SAS, MAG Hüller Hille, MAG-module, EMAG, SAETE and Schenck for this project, and tools from the company named Walter.