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Škrabec ranking second among the top CEOs in Slovenia

23. 5. 2011
This year, Riko CEO Janez Škrabec ranked second among the top Slovene CEOs. The reputation survey is conducted every year by the Kline partner agency on a sample of 800 representatives of the Slovene business world, and evaluates the performance of large, medium-sized and small companies as well as of their CEOs.
The profile and performance of CEOs and chairmen of management boards was established using criteria such as quality, innovation and attractiveness of products, vision and excellence of leadership, financial efficiency, care for employees and social responsibility.   Janez Škrabec ranked immediately behind the most reputed businessman, Jože Colarič, chairman of management board of the pharmaceutical company Krka d.d. – and ahead of Trimo CEO Tatjana Fink.

Slovenia, her development and her companies have reached a point where it is necessary to seek opportunities abroad in a new manner so as to overcome the crisis and to become a part of the global village. In this situation it is urgent to build confidence among potential partners. This is the primary task of our leaders, who must therefore develop a personal trademark. And they must be aware that they have already been labelled even if they do not know it. The elements they use put a label on them: their wristwatch, travel clothes, mobile phone, words and public appearances create an image in the eyes of the observer. Each of these is a part of a complex mosaic that defines a leader’s public image,” comments Miro Kline pointing out the value of a CEO’s reputation in today’s situation. 

In Kline’s reputation ranking, CEO Janez Škrabec is honoured to have achieved a higher position every year, but this has also increased his sense of responsibility. Škrabec commented his excellent ranking among the most reputed personalities paraphrasing Slovene reformer Trubar’s phrase of “Stand and withstand” with the words: “I am highly honoured by the opinion of the business community who placed me among the elite group of highly esteemed persons,” adding that “Jože Colarič and Tatjana Fink are two very successful Slovene CEOs who have made a deep imprint in the Slovene economy.”