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Signature of contract with Kolektor Etra

6. 5. 2011
In the Jožef hotel in Idrija, Riko d.o.o. Chief Executive Janez Škrabec, Head of the Kolektor Group Stojan Petrič and Commercial Manager of Kolektor ETRA Peter Novak today signed a contract on cooperation in the turnkey construction of transformer stations in Minsk, Belarus, under the direction of Riko as the general contractor. By the end of 2012, Kolektor ETRA will manufacture and deliver five energy transformers with a power of 40 MVA and a voltage of 110/20 kV.
At Riko, intense project execution is underway for the construction of transformation stations including switching units and cable on a voltage level of 110KV/10KV. As the general contractor, we at Riko have assumed full responsibility for the project execution, also including Slovene know-how and experience. One of our key partners in the project is the Kolektor Etra company. Riko CEO Janez Škrabec pointed out that Riko has chosen Kolektor Etra – a qualified manufacturer of energy and generator transformers - because of its references and proven quality:  “We are happy to integrate Slovene know-how of a recognized manufacturer of transformers, thus opening the door a new market for this manufacturer.“
In fact, the supply of transformers with a total value of two million euros is Kolektor ETRA’s first entry in the market of the Commonwealth of Independent States. And it represents a great challenge to the company. Riko’s project is only the beginning of the refurbishment of the Belarusian energy infrastructure: 37 similar transformer stations are supposed to be modernized as well. “We believe that our prospects for further exports and more business in this area are good,” said Manager of Kolektor ETRA Peter Novak.