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Works on CERO Slovenska Bistrica have begun

20. 7. 2011
Riko, along with partners Granit d.d. Slovenska Bistrica and Drava vodnogospodarsko podjetje d.d. Ptuj, have been selected and hired as contractors for the project CERO Slovenska Bistrica.  Our responsibilities entail planning, purchasing of equipment, construction, a test run of the facility, its handing over for operations and management of the project. The construction works have begun today.
After the evaluation of the planned site of construction, measurements and a survey plan of the existing site along with the necessary research, acquisition of consents and preparation of the necessary documentation, we have started with the construction of a regional centre, which includes an expansion of the existing landfill at Pragersko for the disposal of the rest of the waste, a composting facility for the biological stabilization of waste and composting with a capacity of 6,000 tons, a sorting facility for waste sorting and mechanical treatment of waste with a capacity of 20,000 tons and the supporting infrastructure.
We have started with the construction of the embankment – which is part of the project CERO Slovenska Bistrica framework and is taking place within the closed off area of the hazardous waste dumping area at Pragersko. For the subsequent implementation of the shallow foundation for the facility a 3-metre thick gravel embankment needs to be constructed first, covered with a layer of compressible and small load ground base made of communal waste. The embankment is being constructed with natural gravel material from a quarry. The construction will take two months. After its completion the construction at the embankment will be suspended for three months due to the consolidation – compressibility of the existing area necessary before the onset of further construction works. The construction of the facilities shall commence at the start of 2012.