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Riko is constructing CERO in Zasavje

17. 8. 2011
Riko will be in charge of the construction of a Regional waste management centre CEROZ II. phase, located in Hrastnik (in the area of Unično), to be used by three municipalities of Zasavje – Litija, Zagorje, Hrastnik and the municipality Radeče. It shall be handed over to the client by the end of 2013.

Through a public tender we have been chosen for the contractor in charge of the execution of the project “Regional waste management centre in Zasavje CEROZ II. phase”. Our responsibilities within the project CEROZ framework include planning, construction, purchase of equipment, a test run of the facility and its handing over to the investor within the set deadline.

The project “Regional waste management in Zasavje CEROZ II. phase” includes a landfill at the location of Unično (240,000 m3), composting facility (9,000 tons/year), sorting facility (25,000 tons/year), the preparation of the handling area at the location of Unično, a construction of a substation, an access road from Marno to the landfill entrance at Unično and the construction of a plant for the processing of inert construction waste (30,000 tons/year) at the existing landfill Neža.

The total value of the contract is around 12 mil Euros. The works will be financed with the help of the budget funds of municipalities Litija, Zagorje ob Savi, Trbovlje, Hrastnik and Radeče, as well as budget funds of the Republic of Slovenia. The project will be partly financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union. The project is being implemented within the Operational Programme ‘Development of environment and transport infrastructure’ for 2007-2013, priority axis “Municipal waste management”.

The mayor of municipality Hrastnik, Mr. Miran Jerič, and the director of the company Riko d.o.o., Mr. Janez Škrabec, signed the contract on the implementation of the project at the end of July. Currently, we are in the process of submitting guarantees, insurances, time schedules and financial plans. Negotiations with potential partners for the project are also under way.

We are currently also working on CERO Slovenska Bistrica.