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New contract with UKRLOMPROM Kyiv

5. 10. 2011

The Riko company has, thanks to its long-standing experience in the production of ecological equipment, re-entered into a new contract for the supply of the universal presses for packaging and cutting metal scrap with the Ukrainian company URLOMPROM Kyiv. This is considered as Ukraine's leading company in the field of collection and recovery of secondary materials.


Riko supplied URLOMPROM with 10 presses for the packaging of metallic waste already five years ago. The excellent quality and service that Riko provides on the Ukrainian market has convinced the investor to a strategic partnership also in the future. Riko has been entrusted to supply the next 20 presses to an agreed deadline.

The former company of "Ribniška industrija kovinske opreme (RIKO)" [Ribnica Industry of Metal Equipment] established itself in the Soviet Union of the time until 1990 as a leading supplier of its own utility equipment. The company is increasingly consolidating the confidence of its investors in this promising market through the engineering know-how in providing organic waste management solutions and recovery of secondary materials.

We are confident that this year's supply of press S26 to the Belarusian company Belcvetmet from Minsk and the Russian company Uralelectromed from Verkhnyaya Pyshma will consolidate Riko's position as the premier supplier of utilities in the region of Russia and Belarus.