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Meeting of both business councils in Avtovaz

16. 11. 2011

The first joint meeting of the Business Councils of Slovenia and Russia, which was established this year with a view to consolidating solid economic ties between Slovenia and Russia, was held today at the headquarters of the Avtovaz company in Togliatti.

The host of the meeting was Eduard Vaino, President of the Russian-Slovenian Business Council and Vice President of Avtovaz. After a short tour of the manufacturing facilities of this important automobile giant, the people gathered there were welcomed by the President of Avtovaz, Igor Komarov, Eduard Vaino and Janez Škrabec, Director of the Riko company and President of the Slovenian version of the Council. The welcome address was followed by a presentation of the situation and perspectives of the Russian-Slovenian relations.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia in the Russian Federation, Mrs Ada Filip-Slivnik presented the role of the Slovenian delegation in the consolidation of ties and the importance of economic diplomacy, the representatives of both the Chambers of Commerce stressed the importance of integrated cooperation between the chamber and the business world, Director of JAPTI in Kazan, Mr Vidko Filipič spoke about Russia's share in Slovenia's foreign trade. The addresses by the representatives of the Administration of the Samara Region and the Municipality of Togliatti was followed by an overview of the development of Russian-Slovenian relations between NGOs as well as discussions on the trade, economic and investment cooperation between Russia and Slovenia.

The meeting was also devoted to the presentation of the participants of the session, participants' individual consultations and the examination of tenders and projects in the light of bilateral cooperation.