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Successful grand opening of the Sveta Petka hydroelectric power plant on the Treska River

1. 8. 2012
The Sveta Petka hydroelectric power plant was officially opened today by Mr Nikola Gruevski, Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, and Dr Vlatko Čingoski, General Director of ELEM.
The Sveta Petka hydroelectric power plant has an installed capacity of 36 MW and is expected to fully exploit the hydro potential of the Treska River. With an estimated Annual Energy Production of 66 GWh, the new addition to the Macedonian power system will provide more than 40,000 Macedonian citizens with electricity. The 64m high concrete arch dam, located in a narrow valley along the Treska River, is the first dam of this kind to be built in the wider region in the last 25 years and the hydroelectric power plant is currently one of the largest investments in the energy sector in the Western Balkans.

At the opening event, Dr Čingoski Vlatko, General Director of ELEM, said: “The construction of the Sveta Petka hydroelectric power plant, worth 75 million euros, is one of the most complex, sophisticated and specific construction projects ever carried out in the Republic of Macedonia. The hindering terrain, challenging soil conditions and limited possibilities for worksites in the canyon along the river required the use of highly sophisticated construction techniques and organizational skills. This project is proof that there are no ad-hoc solutions in the energy sector - and there is no project that can be completed in a day. With the opening of the Sveta Petka hydroelectric power plant, we as a country have become richer in terms of technical, economic and achievable potential for energy”.

The construction of the Sveta Petka hydroelectric power plant was headed by the company Riko, d.o.o., which succeeded in providing the of highly-sophisticated technological equipment with minimal maintenance costs, minimal disruption to the environment, a reliable operating system and a high utilization rate. A number of renowned Slovenian subcontractors (Litostroj, Corona, Iskra Impulsz, Irma, Etran and others) and Macedonian subcontractors (Granit, Beton, GIM, Hipox, Cvet Kompani, MEPOS and others) took part in the project.

Mr Janez Škrabec, Director of Rico, said: “Our Company is very proud to have completed this major crown project – the construction of the Sveta Petka hydroelectric power plant. We are convinced that, by constructing this plant, which is one of the most demanding constructions built in the region in the last 20 years, we have set new standards and new measures in the field of hydroelectric power in this region and have strengthened ties between Slovenia and Macedonia for future cooperation”.