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Riko – best employer

22. 3. 2013
Year after year the daily paper Dnevnik exposes the best employers who are aware of the importance of satisfied employees. It is a well known fact that the success of every company depends on its employees. Yesterday, during final announcement of the best employers on the open stage (Oder pod zvezdami) of Ljubljana`s puppet theatre, Riko received the »Golden thread« (Zlata nit) reward for being the best employer among medium-sized businesses in the year 2012. 
The daily paper Dnevnik published that although this was the first time Riko ever applied for this title, it was immediately ranked among the finalists and already won the last year`s best employer title. The managing director of the company Janez Škrabec says he is very proud that his company has such a good reputation. »I am not saying we are the best employer, but rather the best co-worker. I never refer to my colleagues as employees, they are my co-workers«, added Škrabec, who wants to raise responsible and autonomous co-workers who can be the architects of their own fortune. »I hope I am creating good conditions for personal and professional growth of my co-workers, so that tomorrow each and every one of them could take over Riko`s management. At this point I know at least 20 co-workers who are ready for such a challenge and if today these 20 people leave, Riko will have no future.« This statement proves that Škrabec is well aware of the importance and value of his me