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President Pahor visits St. Petka

17. 7. 2013
The hydroelectric power plant in St. Petka in Macedonia the construction of which was led by the Slovenian company Riko d.o.o. was today hosting Slovenia’s President Borut Pahor. Slovenia’s President was welcomed by ELEM’s General Manager Dejan Boškovski and Riko’s Director Janez Škrabec.
The hydroelectric power plant in Sveta Petka was solemnly opened last August and has been using the hydro potential of the Treska river ever since. With an annual production of 66 GWh it supplements the Macedonian energy system and supplies over 40,000 citizens of Macedonia with electricity. The dividing dam in the narrow valley of the Treska river is 64 m high and made of concrete and has been the first such dam in the wider region in the past 25 years. This hydroelectric power plant was one of the biggest investments in the field of power industry in the Western Balkans.

Slovenia’s President Borut Pahor started his visit at the dam where he was welcomed by ELEM’s General Mangaer Dejan Bokovski and Riko’s Director Janez Škrabec. After seeing the dam, he was taken to the engine room where power plant experts have introduced him to the advantages and operation procedure of the hydroelectric power plant.

Dejan Boškovski addressed the issue of the power plant’s management, since it is considered one of the most complex projects on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. Its remote location, the challenging geological structure of the soil it was built on, as well as the limited number of construction sites in the canyon demanded the use of complex construction technics and excellent organisational skills. »A lot of work, effort and knowledge have been invested into this hydroelectric power plant. Without it, we could not exploit the hydro-potentials of the Treska river in this region«, added Boškovski.

The hydroelectric power plant Sveta Petka was constructed by Riko d.o.o. and its well-established subcontractors from Macedonia (Granit, Beton, GIM, Hipox, Cvet kompani and Mepos) and Slovenia (Litostroj, Korona, Iskra Impulz, Irma, Etra, etc). »The construction of the hydroelectric power plant was a huge challenge that made us set new standards and criteria in the field of hydropower that would comply with this region.” The expected results were achieved one year after the power plant was put into operation. As soon the power plant started to function smoothly and was assuring enough electricity for the Macedonian consumers, it became evident that our work was good and effective. This successfully carried out project is a huge reference for Riko; in similar future investments Riko will be considered a partner with references, that developed the know-how, knows the best technological equipment suppliers, has the required experience and the obtained knowledge.”« said Riko’s Director Janez Škrabec at the opening ceremony.

He also pointed out the successful cooperation among the contractors during the time of construction and the relevance of our President’s visit in Macedonia. »I am convinced that President Pahor’s visit will be a great contribution to the reinforcement of the economic cooperation between Slovenia and Macedonia, a vision we have set forth in the past. Being able to contribute to the strengthening of the economic cooperation between Slovenia and Macedonia fills us with pride, for being a part of this success is a great acknowledgement and support to our work.«

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