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Riko in charge of the wastewater draining and cleaning project in Cerknica and Rakek

16. 7. 2013
Riko and the Cerknica Municipality signed a contract for the implementation of the Wastewater discharge and cleaning project in the river basin of Ljubljanica – 2nd scope.
The purpose of the Waste water discharge and cleaning project in the river basin of Ljubljanica – 2nd scope (Cerknica municipality) that will be implemented by Riko is to solve the problem od faecal wastewater discharge and cleaning we are fighting against for years, because of its negative effect on the environment and people’s health. Within this project sewage system lines and a cleaning plant will be built. The project’s location is on the territory of the Rakek settlement in the Cerknica municipality, where there is still no wastewater discharge and cleaning system.

In frames of the Wastewater discharge and treatment projects in the river basin of Ljubljanica (2nd scope) the Cerknica municipality will invest into solving the wastewater discharge and cleaning problem in the Rakek settlement. The purpose of the investment is the construction of an appropriate infrastructure for discharge and cleaning of wastewater on territories where the state programme has foreseen a sewage system in accordance with the European directives in the field of discharge and cleaning of waste water, a pre-accession treaty and the goal to decrease the environmental impacts.
Thanks to this project the Rakek settlement will receive a 14,583 m long sewage system, 8 waste water pumping stations and a waste water treatment plant with the capacity of 4,000 PE and by the end of 2015 the Cerknica municipality will connect 1,628 new inhabitants and 594 business units from the economic sector to the sewage system and the exact same number of inhabitants and business units to the cleaning plant. By the end of 2015 the percentage of homes and business units connected to the sewage system and cleaning plant will increase to 96,45%.

The contract signing was followed by a press conference hosting the representatives of Riko d.o.o. (main contractor), Godina d.o.o., Pirc gradnje d.o.o. and the representative of the construction work supervisor Proplus d.o.o. At this conference Cerknica’s mayor Marko Rupar pointed out that this project investment will have a direct influence and effect on the quality of drinking water and people’s health, development and income from tourism, the value of real estates, agriculture, decrease of pollution in settlements and the environment, on the aesthetic value and recreational opportunities.  We can expect that all of this will have a positive effect on the development of the countryside in this part of Slovenia.

The value of the entire River basin of Ljubljanica project adds up to 10,836,171 euros and is partially financed by the Republic of Slovenia (1,102,571.08 euros), from the EU Cohesion Fund (Operational programme of environmental and traffic infrastructure development for the period 2007-2013, the developmental priorities »Environmental protection – water sector«, priority guidelines »Waste water discharge and cleaning« (6,247,902.76 euros)) and partially by the Cerknica municipality (3,485,697.16 euros). The project is to be finished by the end of 2015.