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The New Kindergarten in Ribnica Opened its Doors

22. 10. 2013
The Ribnica municipality has just received its new kindergarten. Today the first part of the new kindergarten opened its doors for children between the age of 3 and 6. The two operating sections of the new kindergarten represent 1,800 m2 of facilities for the children and a three-floor administrative building of 1,000 m2. The new kindergarten was built within 15 months and will start serving its full purpose in end of October. The constructions were done by Riko and its local partners and were based on architectural solutions of the Arhi-tura biro. The investor of this construction project was the Ribnica municipality.
Due to lack of rooms and spaces, non-compliance with spatial norms and the duration of turnkey buildings the Ribnica municipality decided to improve the conditions of child day care and build a new kindergarten. In cooperation with the Chamber of Architecture and spatial planning of Slovenia the municipality issued a public tender for the years 2009-2010 in order to find the most appropriate architectural and urban solution for the construction of the new kindergarten. Most convincing in the eyes of the Committee was the solution of the architects Bojan Mrežar, Renato Rajnarj and Peter Rijavec from the architectural office Arhi-tura.

The entire building was designed in a way that enables to divide the construction work into 2 stages.  The 1st stage included the construction of the administrative and economic building and the facilities for the children, which represents 2,597.17 m2 of internal effective surface area. Besides playgrounds and accompanying facilities for 10 departments, the kitchen and the rest of the infrastructure is linked to the number of children and necessary personnel.  In frames of the 1st stage we planned some outdoor arrangements including the playground (landscaping, equipment), access, the driveway and other spatial interventions. The completion of the 2nd phase is foreseen in September 2014 and will include the construction of 10 departments. This stage will close entire planned construction.

Riko d.o.o. applied at the public tender and was chosen the construction contractor in both stages.

As general contractor Riko has considered all postulates of quality construction and delivered the building and the new facilities to the subscriber (stage I) within the agreed timetable. The construction was carried out with the help of local partners (Grafit, Kovinar Kočevje, Šilc Trade, Tanko, Inles, Krempa, Lesing, Gorenje GTI, SPM Jaka etc.). Together we delivered our subscriber and the users a quality low-energy facility. After stage II is completed, the new kindergarten in Ribnica will be one of the largest low-energy kindergartens in Slovenia.  

A part of this operation was financed by the European Union and the means were taken from the European Regional Development Fund. The construction was financed within the Operational program for strengthening the developmental potentials for the period 2007 – 2013, developmental priorities: »Regional Development«, priority guidelines: »Regional Developmental Programs«.