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Grand Opening of Two Transformer Stations in Minsk

23. 12. 2013

Riko entered the position of the general contractor in the project for the construction of transformer stations with junctures and mutual cable connections at a voltage of 110kV/10kV.  Riko included many Slovenian partners such as Etro, Sipro, ABB and Siemens into this project. The project investor is the RUP MINSKENERGO RB company that is responsible for the supply and distribution of electric and heat energy in MINSK and its surrounding areas. MINSKENERGO RB produces 40% of all electricity in Belarus.

"The construction of commercial, communal and industrial buildings and traffic infrastructure that followed the intensive development of the housing stock in Minsk demanded better and more effective energy supply and so justified our investments”, explained the representatives of the Belnegra company, which is the leading company in Belarus for energy supply to the Belarus press agency.

The investments will continue due to an increased load and demand for more energy supplies. In the middle of next year Riko will hand over two additional transformer stations to the subscriber and as foreseen start with the construction work in the second half of 2014.  

Take a look at 24ur’s article on Riko’s construction work on the transformer stations in Minsk (click here) and read the report of the Belarus press agency on the grand opening (click here).