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News - 2014

14. 10. 2014

The P.A.T.H. premiere by SwR

In a small town called Montfort Lꞌ Amaury in the vicinity of Paris, where the first Starck and Riko house was built, Philippe Starck and Riko's director Janez Škrabec have introduced the public their new P. A. T. H. house line (“Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes” – P.A.T.H.). The P.A.T.H. houses combine Starck's timeless design and Riko's rich experience with the most advance construction technology applied for plus energy houses. The different P.A.T.H. models are now available to the customers on www.starckwithriko.com or over the P.A.T.H. distribution network.
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6. 10. 2014

New transformer stations in Minsk

After the construction of 4 successfully functioning transformer stations, Riko signed a contract with the investor Minskenergo for the construction of new and reconstruction of the existing transformer stations. Both will contribute to the energy supply of the developing city of Minsk. The project value is set to 43 million EUR (VAT excluded).
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26. 9. 2014

The purification plant in Radlje ob Dravi has just been opened

The purification plant for wastewater collection and treatment in Radlje ob Dravi constructed by Riko and its partner SGP Pomgrad, d.d. was opened on the town’s municipal holiday.
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16. 7. 2014

Grand Opening of New Trasformer Stations in Minsk

New transformer stations opened in Minsk - Brestskaja and Kamennaja Gorka.
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16. 7. 2014

Successful and Highly Respected

According to this year’s Kline&Partner high standing research Janez Škrabec was again declared the 2nd most prominent Slovenian manager and Riko the 16th most respected company in Slovenia.
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14. 7. 2014

Hydraulic Press for the MAZ

The MAZ automobile company from Belarus chose Riko for the supplier of a hydraulic press for sheet metal forming – deep traction. In accordance with Riko’s technological solutions the press for sheet metal forming was manufactured in the SMM factory in Maribor.
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2. 7. 2014

Entering New Markets: Moldova

We have entered a new market. Riko signed a contract for the construction of two modular cleaning plants in the Strasheni region in the Republic of Moldova. This is going to be RIKO’s first job in Moldova and it will be financed from a donation in frames of the official developmental help sponsored also by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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16. 6. 2014

Kempinski is soon to be finished

The construction project of the Kempinski hotel complex in Minsk lead by Riko has made a rapid progress. The operational team is successfully leading the project; the construction work in the tunnel and the arrangement of the surrounding areas are about to be finished. They are working on weekdays and weekends in order to finish the project in time; over 600 construction workers and over 50 representatives of the leading personnel are daily working at the construction site.
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28. 5. 2014

Riko the second most successful company in Slovenia

Today the Finance newspaper published the TOP 101 ladder of the most successful companies on which Riko was given the 2nd place right after Krka from Novo mesto. According to Finance Riko nearly missed the 1st place. Krka and Riko are followed by Lek and in the first fifth of the ladder are mostly companies owned by foreign investors.
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13. 3. 2014

Riko signed contract with HESS

Today, at Brežice Castle, the Director of HESS, Bogdan Barbič, and Director of Riko, Janez Škrabec, signed a contract for the supply of hydromechanical equipment for the Brežice Hydroelectric Plant, the next in the chain on the lower Sava. After signing the contract, the Director of Riko also signed contracts with his subcontractors in the project.
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