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Škrabec Honoured with the Russian Medal of Honour

31. 1. 2014
Riko’s director Janez Škrabec received an international acknowledgement known as “Medal of Honour” for maintenance and nursing of economic and cultural connections between Slovenia and the Russian Federation. The acknowledgments have been presented today at the Russian science and art center by the Chief of the Orthodox military mission (Mister Igor Smykov) and the coordinator of the Russian orthodox church brotherhood Councill (Mister Yury Ageschev). All who were present at the ceremony were welcomed and greeted by Its Excelency Mister Doku Zavgajev, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Slovenia.
The Russian medal of honour medal was established in 1999 and entered into the state register of the Heraldry Board at the President od the Russian Federation and is an award for extraordinary merits in the rebirth of the Russian entrepreneurship and economy and achievements in the field of science and research, culture and charity work. This medal has been given to some of the most honourable individuals, representatives of church, state, economy and culture.