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Kempinski is soon to be finished

16. 6. 2014
The construction project of the Kempinski hotel complex in Minsk lead by Riko has made a rapid progress. The operational team is successfully leading the project; the construction work in the tunnel and the arrangement of the surrounding areas are about to be finished. They are working on weekdays and weekends in order to finish the project in time; over 600 construction workers and over 50 representatives of the leading personnel are daily working at the construction site.
The final stage will be the stone facade laying performed by Marmor Hotavlje and the aluminium glazing. Currently we work on the accessible routs and managing of the surrounding areas. The communal and energetic infrastructure is already finished. We have just started with the precise electric and hardware installations and Marmor Hotavlje is getting ready to start their work in the bathrooms and Stilles with the furnishing of the hotel rooms.