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Grand Opening of New Trasformer Stations in Minsk

16. 7. 2014
New transformer stations opened in Minsk - Brestskaja and Kamennaja Gorka.
Riko took up the post of a general contractor for the construction of the Brestskaja in Kamennaja Gorka transformer stations with its joints and cable connections at 110kV/10kV voltage. So far we have delivered 2 transformer stations to our investor i.e. Minskenergo and last week the Minister of Power Industry in Belarus, Mister Vladimir Patupchyk, held the grand opening of two additional stations. »These transformer stations are based on the most progressive technology that was created by Riko and the Belarus experts, » said the Minister and added »the new transformer stations will provide better and more effective energy supply, maximum security and comfort for the inhabitants and minimize the negative environmental impacts.«
Riko was chosen the general contractor for the construction of both transformer stations with its joints and cable connections at 110kV/10kV. Our turnkey projects have included and joined many Slovenian partners e.g. Kolektor Etro, Sipro, ABB and Siemens. The project investor is the RUP MINSKENERGO RB company that supplies and distributes electricity and heat energy to Minsk and its surrounding areas. MINSKENERGO RB generates 40% of electricity in Belarus.

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