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The P.A.T.H. premiere by SwR

14. 10. 2014

In a small town called Montfort Lꞌ Amaury in the vicinity of Paris, where the first Starck and Riko house was built, Philippe Starck and Riko's director Janez Škrabec have introduced the public their new P. A. T. H. house line (“Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes” – P.A.T.H.).  The P.A.T.H. houses combine Starck's timeless design and Riko's rich experience with the most advance construction technology applied for plus energy houses. The different P.A.T.H. models are now available to the customers on www.starckwithriko.com or over the P.A.T.H. distribution network.

Being good, excellent and more righteous is one of the main aspirations of the internationally acknowledged creator Philipp Starck. These values, which are also shared by Riko, one of the leading European manufacturers of wooden houses, have united the two companies in designing the P.A.T.H. house line (“Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes”). The P.A.T.H. is a unique solution for turnkey construction that can fight the current and future challenges of individualised prefabricated construction, for it combines high-technology achievements with comfort, timeless design and sustainable environmental responsibility.  

The P.A.T.H. houses integrate the most advance technologies and methods of industrial prefabrication, which assure the highest possible degree of reliability. The best engineering and technological knowledge, which is one of the main features of this house line has successfully pursued the visions and values of Philipp Starck and Riko's rich experience in prefabricated eco-construction, which in comparison to classical construction completely minimized all possible errors and mistakes.

The pre-fabricated high-technology construction of houses is buyer-friendly, for it saves money and time. It will only take 6 months from the moment the P.A.T.H. house has been ordered till it is (on turnkey) delivered and handed over to its new owner. The price range for these houses is between 2500,00 and 4500,00 euros / m2. Regarding its high degree of personalisation the P.A.T.H. house choice is always consistent with the buyer's financial performance and wishes regarding the dwelling in a technologically sophisticated, nature-friendly and nice residential environment.

October 2014 marks the start of the entire P.A.T.H. line’s global sale. This line includes 4 different family houses, which are combining Strack's timeless design: two one-floor houses, one two-floor house and complimentary units, which can be used as garages, garden sheds or studios. Starck designed and prepared different ground plans for each house type in order to meet the wishes and expectations of its clients. The future house owners can choose between 34 different ground plans with a size range between 140 and 350 m2 and can also decide upon the number of rooms in the house (1 to 8).

The P.A.T.H. models, which can be easily adapted to the needs, life and personal claims of their future residents can offer different personalised options. Each house is available in three construction types (wrapped with glass only, a combination of wooden walls and a glassy frontage or a pure wooden construction). The buyers can also choose between different types of roofs and a rich collection of high-quality exterior and interior solutions, i.e. floors, interior doors, sanitary equipment, types of bathroom and kitchen tiles etc. all chosen by Philippe Starck himself and included into the P.A.T.H. equipment catalogue. All of this makes it possible for the owners of P.A.T.H. houses to create their optimal space adapted to their taste and wishes.

The P. A. T. H. houses have been designed to blend into different natural environments and cultural landscapes. They can be included into the best eco-technology adapted to local conditions and the owner's needs in order to save more energy than classically constructed houses. The P.A.T.H. houses have not been designed only to save energy, but also to produce more energy than they can consume – these are namely plus energy houses. The future buyers of these houses can also incorporate different eco-technological systems into their house, such as photovoltaica, solar panels, wind turbines, systems for effective use of rainwater, heat pumps etc. These systems were meant to be invisibly incorporated into Philippa Starck's design and the entire functionality of the P.A.T.H. houses.

Janez Škrabec, the director of Riko d.o.o., added: “We combined our company's most advance engineering knowledge and the most contemporary prefabrication technology with the purpose to create modern dwelling solutions with a price accessible to all, who cherish the symbiosis of ecology and aesthetics”.

The creators of the P.A.T.H. line made a lot of effort to create a good product for a “good” price that is made of »good« materials obtained in a »good« manufacturing process.

According to Philipp Starck P.A.T.H.  is a “reliable and intelligent solution for us, our children and grandchildren, who will have to deal with the challenges arising in the filed of ecology, economy and power industry’’.