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The purification plant in Idrija, Slovenia is open

Idrija, 5. 10. 2015
The purification plant in Idrija has been solemnly opened. Riko was the main contractor in this project and was responsible for the demolition and reconstruction of some of the existing buildings and the construction of new buildings, installation of new technological equipment and the increase of capacity from 4500 PU (population unit) to 9000 PU.

RIKO lead the construction site and coordinated the activities of all contractors, installed the equipment (the mechanical and electrical part), created a new central supervision system, lead the preliminary running and running of the device in the interim regime during construction. Riko's partner in this project was KOLEKTOR KOLING, a company in charge of the construction and finishing work, as well as general mechanical and electrical installations. This project was enriched by the knowledge and solutions of Riko's subcontractors, i.e. CID, d.o.o., Zidgrad, d.o.o., Kolektor Sisteh, d.o.o. and Proma, d.o.o.