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New water supply network opened in Bela krajina

Metlika, 30. 11. 2015

Riko has passed on the Bela krajina water supply system phase II. project in Metlika, which is considered the most important joint infrastructure project of the Bela krajina municipalities. The project, which was managed by Riko, addresses solutions to the problem of water supply in Bela Krajina in the long term.


Together with its partners – Teleg-M, Proadria and CGP – Riko has built 147 km of water supply and 7.5 km of sewer canals, as well as erected 17 storage tanks. Among other things, the project also interlinked two separate water systems and connected them into a joint water source. Riko has provided additional water sources and connection to bigger water systems, built the missing parts of the water supply system, reduced water loss, ensured safe water sources and secured existing ones, and built a new sewage system in Metlika. More than 500 new customers, who had no water supply prior to that, have been connected to the new water supply system.