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Sludge drying facility opened at Novo mesto Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

15. 4. 2016

A sludge drying facility has been opened by Riko at the Novo mesto Central Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project, within which Riko acted as the lead partner in a consortium together with Huber GmbH from Germany, was completed a month and a half before the contractual deadline.

Riko, together with its partner HUBER GmbH, has been selected in a public tender as the contractor of the project "Collection and treatment of waste water in the basin of the Krka River – hydraulic improvements to the sewage system and wastewater treatment plant in Novo Mesto – addition of sludge processing", where the company was responsible for cogeneration (electricity and heat), as well as the construction of the building that houses the drying plant.

The additional work was carried out at the existing treatment plant, meaning that the upgrade had to be performed as the existing wastewater treatment plant was in operation.

As part of the drying of the sewage sludge, the Riko company set up a cogeneration unit to produce electricity, where electricity is used in the treatment plant, thus reducing its operating costs. Further on, the heat generated from the cogeneration is used for drying the sludge. Drying is carried out according to the strip sludge drying system, where the sludge is dried by means of hot air. The air is then purified through chemical and biological filters.