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Janez Škrabec, the third most esteemed director this year

4. 7. 2016

According to a study by Kline & Partner, which has measured and monitored the reputation of companies and directors over many years now, Riko Director Janez Škrabec is ranked in third place on the reputation scale.

The excellence of directors and heads of administration was assessed by the business community on the basis of criteria such as quality, innovation and attractive offers, vision and excellence in leadership, financial performance, employee care and corporate social responsibility. These are the criteria that make up the profile of a leader of excellence. Janez Škrabec has been ranked in third place among the most renowned Slovenian directors by the representatives of the business community, the managers of large, medium and small enterprises. The Riko company, on the other hand, is ranked in 23rd place according to the Corporate Reputation Survey.