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Entering the Croatian market

Zagreb, 16. 12. 2016

As part of a larger project "Revitalization Waste Water Treatment Plant in Rijeka Rafinery" Riko signed its first contract on the Croatian market. Regardless of the strong competition of well-known names from the oil industry, Riko was selected as the equipment supplier for the API separator at a public tender. The contract includes the engineering, manufacture and supply of equipment, the erection supervision and the commissioning and training of personnel operating at INA. The equipment of API separators constitutes reconstruction and covering of pools, in which waste oils and the processed water from the treatment process of crude oil are collected.

Riko will supply the equipment for the separation of oil sludge and water development covering swimming pools with advanced process floating lids. The process of waste water treatment will allow the oil to return to the machining process, all while the waste water is lead to the water treatment plant and the sludge is treated appropriately.

The investment will be completed by the end of 2018, thus harmonizing the operation of the refinery with the provisions of the European directive on the release of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.