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Riko to build a new sports hall in the local community Rakek

Ribnica, 19. 1. 2017

A consortium of companies Riko, As Primus and Jelovica signed today a cpntract with the municipality of Cerknica for the design and construction of the new sports halls Rakek. The sports hall will be used for sports, school and non-school activities as well as cultural and social events, and will thus fill a problematic gap in the field of sport, physical education and recreation.

The local community of Rakek has so far been deprived of a joint surface where it could carry out sports activities, as well as curricular and extra curricular and recreational events. The need to  fill this deficiency and to offer the community a new opportunity was at the heart of the Municipality of Cerknica’s effort to make this important investment. As pointed out by the Mayor of Cerknica, Marko Rupar, the investment is certainly justifiable from a socio-economic point of view. It will ensure regulatory areas for the implementation of physical education classes of the Primary School Rakek, it will ensure adequate space for the execution of various events for the residents of Rakek and it will enrich the offer of projects aimed at implementing programs of healthy lifestyles in the field of sports and recreation for all ages and all interest groups.

The net area of ​​all the spaces of the sports hall Rakek is 2,247.92 m2, where only the gym on the ground floor measures 1,335.96 m2. The size of the hall and dimensions are suitable for soccer, handball, tennis, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton, dodgeball and other sports. The hall will also be suited for the organization of cultural events with appropriate acoustics. It will be able to welcome up to 560 spectators.

The Municipality of Cerknica began the implementation of the project began in 2015 by an extensive project work, which was made by Atelier for project design Repše from Kranj. The  pre-investment design and investment program for building the sports hall Rakek ewas carried out in 2016 by IN-TACT Ltd., a company for engineering, economics and business consulting. The contractor - a consortium of companies – was chosen in a public tender. The companies include Riko Ltd., represented by the Director Janez Škrabec, AS-PRIMUS Ltd., represented by director Boris Hribar and JELOVICA HIŠE Ltd., represented by the Director Janez Pucelj.

The estimated completion of works, including the project design and construction with the acquisition of an operating permit, is until the beginning of the school year 2018/2019.