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Riko signed a new contract for the reconstruction of the largest transformer station in Minsk

Minsk, 15. 3. 2017

Janez Škrabec, director and co-owner of the company Riko and CEO of RUP Minskenergo, Drozd Pavel Vladimirovič, signed a 38.5 million contract in Minsk. Riko is to restore the largest transformer station for the project customer, Minskenergo. This will the chain of new transformer station that supplies energy to the rapidly evolving Belarusian capital.

Minskenergo is responsible for the supply and distribution of electricity and heat in the City of Minsk and produces 40% of all electricity in Belarus. As their partner, Riko has so far successfully built or restored 13 transformer substations with a voltage of 110/10 kilovolts. The new or renewed transformer station will operate at a voltage of 750 kilovolts, which is a notable exception in Europe.

The deadline for the construction of transformer stations is 36 months. The project will engage many Slovenian companies, including Sipro Inženring with its engineering, design and consultancy services and Iskratel for the supply and installation of the telephone exchange.