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Successful and Highly Respected in 2017, in Slovenia and abroad

Slovenia, 10. 7. 2017

According to this year’s Kline&Partner high standing research Janez Škrabec was again declared the 3rd most prominent Slovenian manager and Riko the 17th most respected company in Slovenia.

In 2014 Janez Škrabec was again declared the 3rdmost prominent Slovenian manager thus contributing to the reputation of the company Riko LTD, which he is leading, as well as to the reputation of profession of director in the eyes of the business public.

Mr. Škrabec’s success lies in his support in investment, research and development; his emphasis on the quality of products and services and his success in raising the value of the company. This year, the company Riko’s rating increased significantly compared to last year's rankings, as it advanced six places (compared with last year) and ranked at number 17 among the most respected Slovenian companies.

The reputation of Janez Škrabec and Riko also has an echo in the wider region. At the end of last week in Sarajevo, the director of Riko and the company Riko - for their work, successes and wider effects on the development of the region - received the European award "Best manager and best the company of the year", awarded by the Independent Agency for the Selection and Promotion of Managers.