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Upgrade of the central Wastewater treatment plant in Ljubljana

Slovenija, 23. 8. 2017

Ljubljana will finally begin to upgrade its sewerage network. The European Commission has approved 69 million EUR for a major cohesion project for the separation and treatment of wastewater in the area of ​​the Ljubljansko polje aquifer, which is currently the largest one in Slovenia. The project was presented – in the presence of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia dr. Miro Cerar, minister without portfolio Alenka Smrkolj and the Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning Irena Majcen – by the mayors of Ljubljana, Medvode and Vodice, the president of the Public lighting company Goran Bojović, the director of the Public company Vodovod-kanalizacija Krištof Mlakar and the director of the company Riko Janez Škrabec.

Riko will upgrade the wastewater treatment plant in the municipalities of Ljubljana, Medvode and Vodice, which will not only remove nitrogen and phosphorus compounds but also increase the plant’s capacity (from 360,000 PE to 550,000 PE). The project envisages the construction of new facilities: primary sedimentation plant, hydrolysis facility, deep filtration, reception facility for sediment and vehicle washing, phosphor precipitation station, gas station, gas torch.

Riko will implement the project in partnership with OTV Veolia, which is considered the largest company in the world dealing with wastewater and has many years of experience since 1853. The project will be handed over to the client in 2020.

Vir: 24ur.com
Vir: 24ur.com