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Opening of the Brežice Hydro Power Plant

Slovenija, 27. 9. 2017

Today takes place the solemn opening of the Brežice Hydro Power Plant. As part of the project the company Riko constructed the reservoir and overflow spillway and supplied all the hydromechanical equipment.

The reservoir, after completion, contains about 20 million cubic meters of water, and its surface covers about 300 hectares. With its construction, the Brežice coastal accumulation area is protected from high waters and floods. Riko has integrated renowned subcontractors into the implementation of the project, companies such as Viaduct d.d., Level Eko d.d. and others.

Hydromechanical plant equipment is highly demanding technological equipment for the safety and operation of a hydroelectric plant and dam structure, ensuring the necessary technological conditions for the production of energy at variable flow rates of the Sava River. The equipment as a whole under this contract is divided into two main sections made up of spillway equipment and turbine fields. The spillway equipment consists primarily of five electro-hydraulically-operated radial locks, the weight of each being about 100 tons, installed in the spillways of the dam structure of the power plant. These represent the most important elements that provide a constant water level in the pool with the normal flow of the Sava River, and thus the production of electricity. With increased flow of up to 1000 annual waters, however, its operation must provide the necessary security for the entire structure, as well as flood protection for the lower water-lying areas. The company Riko integrated reputable Slovenian equipment suppliers, such as Montavar Projekt, Metalna Senovo, La & Co, Telem as well as Iskra impuls, into the project.