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11 years of our work at the project The Lakes by Yoo

Slovenija, 29. 9. 2017

This year we celebrate the eleventh anniversary of our engagement in the Lakes by Yoo. Only in the year 2017 we have erected 10 new houses, which in total adds up to 85 houses in a decade.

The wood house estate is characterized by ecological standards and top design – it is increasingly catching the attention of many famous and less famous personalities who wish to live in a healthy and well-designed home.   

The Lakes is a shining example of a luxury home with a holistic approach to living comfort. In the future, new house designs will be marketed, which will diversify the already luxurious architecture of the settlement.

View the time lapse video of the erection of the Bowmoore house, which is measures close to 800m2 in size!