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Continuing the construction of the holiday village in Moravske toplice

Prekmurje, 15. 3. 2018

We have started constructing new holiday homes in the Prekmurje village Ajda in Moravske toplice. We will be adding four new apartment houses to the existing holiday homes, which complement the Moravske toplice accommodation complex. The houses are to be handed over to the client by the end of summer 2018.

Last year we built and successfully delivered six wooden houses in the Prekmurje village Ajda to our client Sava Turizem. The houses, designed by architectural bureau Real Engineering and produced by the company Riko Hiše, quickly became popular accommodation units among visitors. They offer even more comfort: a bright living room on the ground floor, which continues onto the terrace as well as a comfortable and quiet sleeping area on the top floor.

The charming modern houses are inspired by typical local architecture and are covered with straw. The new houses are covered with reeds and enriched with wood, which gives them natural brightness and warmth, on top of that they also have large glass windows. The houses are in the immediate vicinity of the spa complex Terme 3000 and are surrounded by greenery thus offering a complete relaxation in nature.