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Riko celebrates its rich history

Ljubljana, 9. 5. 2018

Today at Riko two symbolic anniversaries, celebrating Riko - its beginnings and its perspectives, were celebrated with selected guests and in a relaxed atmosphere. In May 1968, Stanislav Škrabec senior moved from Nova Gorica where he worked at the Factory of Vehicles (Tovarna vozil) and returned to his native Ribnica where he took over the Ribnica Metal Company. The company, which was just before closing, was developed into one of the most successful Yugoslav companies - Riko Ribnica, which under its wing united the entire Yugoslav machine building industry.

On May 9th 1988, Stanislav Škrabec, then director of the company Riko Ribnica, together with Peter Vogrič MSc, then the director of Litostroj, and Jože Tišler, then director of Kovinoplastika Lož, traveled to the Soviet Union to sign a contract for presses and the manufacture of an automatic line for making sinks. The young businessman Janez Škrabec also took part in this business visit, which turned out to be very successful. This was the first time he entered the Russian soil  and became fatally linked to its culture, art and business opportunities.

The employees of Riko are very pleased that Mr. Jože Tišler and Mr. Peter Vogrič MSc joined in on the marking of these two very important anniversaries.