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New projects in the Ukrainian market

Zhytomyr, Ukraine, 13. 8. 2018
Director of RIKO Janez Škrabec and the mayor of Zhytomyr Sergii Suhomlin. Photo: Mateja Bertoncelj
Director of RIKO Janez Škrabec and the mayor of Zhytomyr Sergii Suhomlin. Photo: Mateja Bertoncelj

This year, Riko d.o.o. signed several contracts in environmental and technological engineering as well as energy in central and western Ukraine.

In the city of Zhytomyr in the west of Ukraine, RIKO will build a 10MW solar power plant. The reason for its construction is primarily an investment in a green, self-sufficient city. Zhytomyr is a young university city with many kindergartens, schools and faculties, and the region is known as a strong economic center with various industry, such as glass, metal, electronics, pharmacy, footwear clothing, etc., which consumes a lot of energy. In its commitment for cleaner environment and sustainable development, the investor, the municipality of Zhytomyr, decided to replace environmentally harmful thermal power plants and take advantage of the natural potential of the region by producing solar energy.

The project was realized with the help of Center for International Cooperation and Development (CMSR). The total value of the project is 9.5 million euros.

In the same city, RIKO will also build a water treatment plant for the preparation of drinking water worth 11.8 million euros. The project will be done in the consortium with the Slovenian company Hidroinženiring and with the financial assistance of the World Bank. It is a turnkey construction anticipating the entire process from design to the kick-start of the treatment plant and pumping stations, with the aim of changing the river water into drinking water.

Last year, RIKO concluded an environmental engineering contract with Kyyivvodokanal from Ukraine for modernization of 20 pumping stations for preparation of drinking water (design and supply of equipment) in Kyiv worth 2 million euros. The project is already under way.

RIKO has already completed the design of a water treatment plant for industrial and municipal waste water for Agroprom Holding Astarta sugar factory in Globino. We expect that the designed treatment plant will also be completed.

In May this year, a contract was signed with Dnipro-Kirovograd to modernize ten pumping stations for drinking water worth 7.5 million euros in the city of Kirovograd in central Ukraine.  The project includes dismantling, foundation, supply and installation of new equipment.

In addition to business leads in environmental protection, last year RIKO signed a contract for the supply of technological equipment of hydraulic components with the Ukrainian company Hydrosila which exports its products to Europe.