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The grand opening of the new sport hall Rakek was held on 25th of October

Rakek, Slovenia, 30. 10. 2018
Vir: https://notranjskoprimorske.si/
Vir: https://notranjskoprimorske.si/

The opening of the new sports hall was held on Thursday, 25th of October in Rakek, built by Riko in consortium with other partners.

New acquisition for the town Rakek was opened by the mayor of the municipality Cerknica Marko Rupar, the Head of primary school Anita Knez and the president of the local community Marjan Vadnu. The new acquisition was welcomed by the mayor as well as the president of the Foundation of Sport Aleš Remih and the vice-president of Slovenian Olympics Committee Janez Sodržnik.

The investment worth app. 3 million euros was supported also by the Foundation of Sports. Low energy hall has around 2,300 square metres, where only the gym on the ground floor measures 1,300 m2.  There are also a fitness centre, gallery and other spaces. Along with sportsmen from Rakek, the new hall was also a great delight for school pupils of the nearby school, because of the unappropriated gym they had so far. The size of the hall and dimensions are suitable for soccer, handball, tennis, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton, dodgeball and other sports. In the morning, the pupils will use the hall, in the afternoon and in the evening, the recreational sportsmen and members of community. The hall will also be suited for the organization of cultural events with appropriate acoustics. It will be able to welcome up to 560 spectators.