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Successful in the field of logistics systems

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 23. 1. 2019

In cooperation with ARTEX d.o.o. we have supplied, installed and launched the technological equipement – automatic storage and retrieval machine (crane) with railways and all necessery mechanic, control, electrical and safety equipement as well as Interface on WMS for company Jata.

For company KRKA d.d., pharmaceutical company, we've designed logistic system for automated high shelf storage and prepared the project documentation for building permits and execution drawings. We've designed the plan for technology of logistic system, steel and roof constuction. Technology includes lift and transport system of pallets. Whole logistics system is operated by information technology. 

Our contractor Danffos, decided to enlarge its warehouse due to its production expansion. We have designed, simulated, supplied and launched the automated storage system for small boxes (MINILOAD) and the automated transport of small boxes from the existing warehouse through a bridge into production area. Our main goal was to optimise the "just in time" production, therefore logistics of  the transfer of intermediate goods from the warehouse to the production.