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Construction of Center for Waste management "Biljana Donja" in Zadar

Zadar, Hrvaška, 5. 4. 2019

Center for waste management in Zadar, an area extending over 46,3 ha will treat bio and mixed municipal waste from Municipalities of Zadar and Lično-Senj. While infrastructure comprises main road, input-output object with double balance, input object and an area for washing wheels, MBO building with the capacity of 88.000 t per year, dumping area for non-hazardous waste of 12 ha where could be gathered around 2.100.000 m3 of non-hazardous waste, inert waste area of 5,9 ha that could accept around 630.000 m3 of construction waste, leachate purification facility and polluted technological waste water facility with MBR water treatment plant and torch for waste incineration, office building, open collection center, transport center with garages, covered warehouses, facility for recycling construction waste and all necessary infrastructure and trunk route inside the center for waste treatment.

We will provide the best technology in the market for waste reception and bio drying of waste technology from Italian company A2A S.p.A. for mechanical waste treatment with refining and production of alternate fuel made from waste treatment technology RIKO-Ekos d.o.o. from Slovenia, for composting and bio stabilization technology MION S.p.A. Building-artisanal works will execute local Croatian companies.

We will provide the highest ecological standards in construction. All processes of waste treatment will be executed in closed halls. Contaminated air will be cleaned in 3 biofilters and will be released into the atmosphere supervised. All technological waste water and leachate water will be cleaned in water treatment plant before emitting it into public sewerage network.

Works will be completed in the second half of 2022.