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First project with Belarusian railways

Minsk, Belarus, 20. 3. 2020
The photo is symbolic
The photo is symbolic

The head of the Riko representative office in Minsk, Zivorad Smiljković, has signed a contract for the reconstruction of the 110 kV / 27.5 kV Minsk-Severnyj power station which will supply power to electric trains of the Belarusian railways. Rich references in the field of construction and reconstruction of transformer stations for the Belarusian capital and a a competitive offer enabled Riko to enter the field of Belarusian railway infrastructure.

Rich engineering knowledge and references as well as good reviews of technological equipment suppliers opened up new opportunities for us in the field of railway infrastructure which is undergoing substantial processes of modernization. In Kyiv, Ukraine, we supply state-of-the-art subway stations with equipment and automatic rotary crosses for twenty-three subway stations of the Ukrainian capital. In cooperation with the Russian RZD International we are expected to start implementing the node arrangement with the arrangement of the Pragersko railway station in the autumn of 2020. We are currently in the phase of contractual coordination with our subcontractors and are awaiting a building permit to be obtained by the client.