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New project on the demanding German market

Germany, 24. 6. 2020
Warehouse plans
Warehouse plans

Riko will build an automatic high-bay warehouse for special containers for the Bavarian State Opera (commissioned by the Rosenheim State Building Office). We have been preparing for this project - obtained through a public procurement - for a year.

Riko will design and manufacture the warehouse for the Munich Opera. We will supply and install the steel structure of the entire building, the roof and the façade.  We will also design, supply, install and launch the logistical technological equipment for this warehouse and connect it to the existing warehousing system (including the its IT part). In the next four years / during the warranty period, we will also maintain the entire storage system.

The warehouse will be located in Poing, a town which lies about 60 kilometers from the Bavarian capital. It will house stage sets which are typically large in size, so we will have to deal with shelving and containers which will be almost ten meters long. Accordingly, the rack elevator is also adapted to this dimension, the development of which is also the fruit of Slovenian knowledge.

Otherwise Riko has been building storage systems for the automotive, food processing, metal processing industries, in pharmacy, trade and forwarding.