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The construction of the Slovenian Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai is progressing

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 15. 12. 2020

The company RIKO constructing the Slovenian pavilion at the Expo Dubai 2020. As the selected project holder for the design and construction of the Slovenian pavilion, we are now successfully completing the construction of the 1,550 m2 pavilion.

The pavilion highlights Slovenia as the green heart in the center of Europe, the intersection of land and sea transport routes and an important geostrategic country. The pavilion will highlight three elements that best identify Slovenia: water, as a symbol of life, vitality, flow of materials and ideas; the floating forest, the nature that is the heart of Slovenia and the soul of Europe; and a sieve, a large “parasol”, a wooden umbrella, which is a technological invention with a strong Slovenian identity, characteristic for Riko’s region of origin.

In its design, the pavilion summarizes Riko’s principles of construction: we will use elements that are prefabricated, sustainable and degradable - metal, glass, stone and, of course, mostly wood.

World exhibitions are held every five years and last for six months. An estimated 190 countries will be represented at the Dubai Exposition, representing 95% of the world's total population. The organizer is expecting 25 million visitors, of which more than 70% are predicted to be international visitors.

More about the concept of the Slovenian Pavilion here.